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This material is addressed to parents and aims to teach them how to create an Yahoo! Mail account for children using your account. By this, you will be able to control your child / children e-mail account even if they change the password. Every e-mail your children receive will be automatically forwarded to you.

How to create the account using your e-mail

1. Start by creating a new Yahoo! mail account.

2. Submit all the necessary information, in the next page, like: personal data, password and ID, e-mail address to recover the password (it's recommended to be the parent's e-mail address) and press the "Create My Account" button in the lower side of the registration form. If, according to the date of birth, Yahoo! realizes that the person creating the account is under 18, will ask for a parent or a tutor to be present by displaying the following window.

Yahoo! asking for a parent or tutor to be present

In order to create the account the parent will have to log with its e-mail account.

3. After login you can continue with user's data submission. In order to verify your identity, Yahoo! will ask you to insert some valid credit card data. Also it will be withdrawn 50 cents from the card. This is the only fee and it needs to be paid one time only.

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