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A web page is a document or a information resource in the WWW being accessible using a web browser and displayed on a computer screen. Information are usually written in HTML or XHTML and ease surf to other web pages using hypertext links.

Web pages can be taken from a local computer or from a remote web server. The web server can restrict web page's access so it can be visualized only from a private network or it can publish it on WWW.

Web pages usually include information regarding text colors, background and images and other media information. Color schemes and general plan information are supplied by CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) instructions which can be included in HTML or can be a separate file.

Elements of a web page

A web page can contain several types of information which can be viewed, listened or they interact with the final user:

  • Textual information;
  • Non - textual information
    • Static images GIF, JPEG or PNG or vectorial formats SVG or Flash;
    • Animated images, usually GIF and SVG but there can be Flash too;
    • Audio MIDI, WAV of Java applets;
    • Video WMV (Windows Media Video), RM (Real Media), FLV (Flash Video), MPG, MOV (QuickTime).
  • Interactive information
    • For page interaction:
  1. Interactive text;
  2. Interactive illustrations ("Click here to play");
  3. Buttons
  • For interaction between pages:
  1. Hyperlinks;
  2. Forms.
  • Internal information (hidden)
    • Comments;
    • Hyperlinked files
    • Meta-data;
    • Diagrams and style information;
    • Scripts, usually JavaScripts.

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