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Jump to: navigation, search is a project financed by European Union its purpose being to promote internet safety for children. In Romania project established a combined node consisting of a Helpline, a Hotline and awareness activities. Project aims to provide teachers, children and parents protection specialists with knowledge and tool to protect their children in the new technological environment.


History project was launched in mid 2007 and it aims to make people aware and to inform them regarding internet safe surf. In 2007 fall, Save the Children Romania, Positive Media and Focus initiated a consortium to develop project in Safer Internet Plus program of European Union. project obtained the second place from 48 participant projects in the project call for Safer Internet Plus program 2008 - 2010.

Starting with September 1 2008, is developed in the multiannual community programme to promote safely using internet and new online technologies - Safer Internet Plus, conducted by the European organization Insafe by the General Directorate for Media and Informatics Society of European Commission. The national coordinator of program is Save the Children Organization. website's content aims for three main objectives:

  1. Making parents, children and young aware the advantages of using the internet but also the real dangers that may show up in the virtual environment;
  2. Informing parents and teachers trough informing sessions, knowledge and advice about children safety in the virtual environment and answering their internet related issues;
  3. Online resources - links to sites and solutions regarding safe surf on the internet.


Main objectives regarding Hotline are:

  1. Create the Hotline in Romania to receive complaints from people regarding illegal and harmful online content;
  2. Increase awareness degree for institutions, non-governmental organizations and public regarding Hotline's purpose;
  3. Writing and printing a guide with collaboration procedures with Fighting Crime Informatics Service according to best practices at European level;
  4. Developing campaigns to promote Hotline's role and ways to contact it;
  5. Active participating in European network's programs;
  6. Prepare and supervise involved personnel;
  7. Quick solving received complaints;
  8. Collecting and analyzing statistical data based on the model used within the European network to check Hotline's performances and knowing development trends.


Main objectives regarding Helpline are:

  1. Create a Helpline where children, parents and teachers can ask questions and propose recommendations regarding ways to avoid illegal and harmful online content;
  2. Create a phone line for children, with the purpose of informing them regarding using online technologies;
  3. Establish several action rules and organizing a training session for personnel members;
  4. Informing users regarding Helpline's role and ways to contact it.


Main objectives of awareness node are:

  1. Realizing campaigns for certain target groups with the purpose to increase awareness of online risks
  2. Organizing activities by establishing a center to promote and increase awareness regarding internet safety in Romania;
  3. Preparing a kit of awareness tools adapted to the national situation (including information for users regarding filtering programs and emergency line they can contact);
  4. Establishing formal and informal partnerships, promoting dialog and information exchange between key institutions (governmental bodies, media, internet providers associations, users organizations, schools, local partners);
  5. Creating a site with information regarding awareness activities and the possibility to download various materials regarding internet safety.


The program addresses the following:

  • Approaching unsolicited and harmful content;
  • Promoting a safer online environment;
  • Increasing awareness by:
    • Integrated network: nodes;
    • Online assistance for children to express their concerns regarding illegal and harmful content, unpleasant or traumatic experiences (Helpline);
  • Fighting illegal content:
    • Direct phone lines to report illegal content (Hotline).


We have as partners public institutions, private companies, organizations, media (televisions, magazines), online partners, etc. If you want to check our partners click this link: partners.

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