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Using Saferpedia you agree with provisions specified in the following Terms of Use

If you do not agree with these Terms of Use you have the right to immediately stop using this site. Using or continuing to use website if you do not agree with one or more provisions specified in Terms of Use it will be realized only by your own will and on your own responsibility. You have to understand that Saferpedia is absolved of any consequence arising from using website.


Project's definition

Saferpedia is an online, free encyclopedia with open content and collaborative nature including definitions and resources regarding Internet safety.

Project's developer

Saferpedia is developed by Positive Media Company in SIGUR.INFO - SAFERINTERNET RO-AN-HL-HELP project. Positive Media Company has the right to take any decision regarding project's development, site's structure, terms, content, rights and modalities to edit the content, user's rights of access and any other problems regarding Saferpedia's operation.

Content's validity

Understanding the free nature of content contribution, Saferpedia CAN NOT guarantee, in no possible mode, the validity of the information. None of the authors, contributors, sponsors, administrators, developers or anybody else connected to Saferpedia can't be held accountable for information posted by editors or volunteers.

The right to use

By viewing and / or using the information provided by Saferpedia it's not established any contract between you and the owners of this site, owners of the servers the site is hosted on, individual contributors, project's administrators, developers or anybody else connected to the project. It is guaranteed a limited license for copying; It does not create or involves any contractual or extra - contractual responsibility from any agent, member or user.

The access right

a. The access right as visitor - any person has the right to access and use Saferpedia's content under licenses referred to in this document.

b. The access right as a content contributor - Any access right to the contribution system and content editing in Saferpedia is offered only by the project's developer according to it's own decision. Project's developer has the right to accept, deny, limit, block or temporarily suspend any user's access to the contribution system and content editing.


Any trademarks, service marks, collective marks, design rights, personality rights or any other similar rights used or quoted in Saferpedia's articles are the property of their owners. Using them here, does not involve the fact that you could use them in any other purpose - other than the informational one like the original authors of Saferpedia articles considered under GFDL license. If not stated otherwise, Saferpedia can't guarantee any right to use protected materials. The use of such property is realized on user's own risk.

The nature of use

Please take into consideration that the information you find here has an informative nature. If you need specific advice (downloading and installing software, hardware problems, etc.) please contact a professional. For any additional information regarding Internet safety, parental control software, etc please visit


Understanding the free and volunteer development nature of this online encyclopedia, in order to create different educational, cultural and informational online resources in an open source environment there can't be requested damages material or moral as a consequence of using Saferpedia.


You agree that Saferpedia and project's developer won't be responsible for any damages or direct and indirect loses as a result of using website.


You agree to compensate Positive Media Ro and it's employees by any requests or claims, including trial costs or attorney's fees made by a third party or organization due to personal messages content or using services and content of Saferpedia, breaking the Terms of Use or breaking any rights of that third party.

Final terms

This information is offered free to you and there is no understanding between you and Saferpedia regarding the use and edit the information outside the GNU license for Free Documentation.

Project's developer reserves the right of editing and reviewing the Terms of Use without any prior notice. Using the site after editing Terms of Use it implies the acceptance from your part of those modifications.