Revolutions per minute (RPM)

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RPM - Revolutions Per Minute is the measuring unit for rotation's frequency, precisely number of complete rotations around an ax within one minute. RPM is used as measuring units of rotation speed for mechanical components. Organizations recommend using the shortcut r/min because reflects better the general use of symbols unit but it's not taken into consideration as an international standard. So French use tr/mn (tours par minute) and German use U/min (Umdrehungen pro Minute).

The correspondent measuring unit for frequency in IUS (International Units System) is Hertz (HZ). RPM are converted in HZ by multiplication with 60. Converting from hetz at rpm is achieved by multiplying by 10.

1 rmp=1/min=1/(60s)=1/60 Hertz = 16.667 MHz, where s = second and MHz = mega hertz

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