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PS/2 connectors

The PS/2 connecter is used to connect a keyboard or a mouse to a computer. The name PS/2 comes from the IBM computer "Personal System/2" inserted on the market in 1987. The PS/2 mouse connector replaced the old mouse serial connector DE-9 RS-232 and the keyboard PS/2 connector replaced the DIN connector with 5 pins used on IBM PC/AT computers.

DE-9 RS-232 port

The PS/2 connector for mouse and keyboard are alike and use the same communication protocol. However the mouse and keyboard ports can't be interchangeable because each one uses different sets of commands.

Following the launch of new peripheral models (the USB keyboard and mouse) the PS/2 connectors became less popular.

>==Port's availability== The PS/2 port became a standard when the ATX motherboards were introduced, between 1993-1997. The decision to make the PS/2 connectors for keyboard and mouse proved to be aggravating for consumers. To attenuate this, PS/2 ports for keyboard and mouse were later coded on colors: violet for keyboards and green for mouse.

Older laptops had a single port accepting either a mouse or a keyboard. Sometimes, the port allowed to connect one of the devices to two pins usually unused to allow both devices to be connected in the same time trough a special cable. This configuration is common among IBM / Lenovo Thinkpad laptops.

Laptops nowadays don't usually include the PS/2 port being replaced by the USB port.



Color coding

Original PS/2 connectors were black or the same color with the connecting cable (mostly white). Later there have been introduced the PC99 color code. PC99 assigned the violet color for the keyboard port and green for mouse port.

Culoare Descriere
  Violet Tastatură
  Verde Mouse

Hardware problems


PS/2 ports are designed to connect the digital input / output lines from the micro-controller of the external device directly to the input / output lines from the motherboard's micro-controller and they are not designed to be changed directly. Usually direct change of the PS/2 devices does not cause damages because the micro-controllers have stronger input / output lines, difficult to destroy.


PS/2 connectors are not designed to use in repeatedly connections and disconnections because they can led to pin break.

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