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Internet safety is the security of people and their information while surfing over the internet. With the increasing number each day of internet users there are many cases of abuses trough the internet mostly against children. There are several organizations all over the world that fight against internet abuse against children and teenagers, to name a few: Insafe, I-Dash, I-SAFE, ICRA. In Romania there is the project, a project financed by European Union and implemented by Save the Children Romania, Positive Media and Focus.

In Romania there are to lines where people can ask questions and report abuses: Helpline and Hotline.

Helpline offers information about internet safety and children, teenagers, parents and teachers problems.

Hotline is a civil point of report where people can report an abuse. Hotline operators will direct the case to the competent institution.

Advice to stay safe on the internet

Children, teenagers, parents and teachers should know how to be safe over the internet. Here are a few advice to keep you safe over the internet:

  1. Remain as anonymous as possible. That means keeping all private information private. Here are some examples of private information that you should never give out on the Internet: full name, home address, social security number, credit card number, your parents name, whenever you leave for vacations, etc.
  2. Ignore any messages or e-mails that makes you uncomfortable. It's better to ignore them than enter into a discussion with the aggressor;
  3. Talk to your parents or to an adult you trust if you think you are a victim of an internet abuse. They know better what to do and how to react;
  4. Don't accept to meet a person you met online but you don't know in your real life if you are not sure that the person is who he/she says it is. If you still decide to meet him/her you should speak to an adult about that;
  5. Be very careful with the pictures you post online;
  6. Not everything you see or read on the internet is true!

For more information and resources regarding internet safety access [].

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