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Hi5 is a social network site. The Hi5 company was founded in 2003 by Ramu Yalamanchi the actual CEO. In January 2009, Hi5 had over 60 millions active members.



On Hi5 site, users create their own profiles in order to post information like interests, age, home town and to upload pictures other users are allowed to comment. Also users are allowed to create photo albums with personal character or to set a music player on their profile. Users can sent friendship requests via e-mail to other users. The people who receives the request has the option to accept or deny it.

Some users choose to make their profiles available for everybody in the Hi5 network but other users choose to make their profile visible only for their friends network. The friends network includes user's direct friends, friends of the direct friends, friends of the friends of the direct friends, and so on.

Market share

According to comScore in 2008 Hi5 was the third most popular social network site as the number of monthly unique visitors.

Although it was created in US and the headquarter is in US in other countries it still is the most popular site, especially in Latin America, being situated on place 37 in the world. In us it's situated on place 84.



There have been phishing e-mails pretending to be invitations on the Hi5 site.


To gain as many users as possible Hi5 used spam methods.

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