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Finnish Safer Internet Centre (FISIC) is a joint action of three individual organizations:

  • Save the Children Finland
  • The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (MLL)
  • Finnish Centre for Media Education and Audiovisual Media (MEKU). MEKU acts as the coordinator of the project.

The Finnish Safer Internet Centre consists of three main activities: awareness work, helpline and hotline. The awareness centre is coordinated by MEKU, the Hotline is maintained by Save the Children Finland and the Helpline is run by MLL.


Educational material

The following material is disseminated by the centre:

The Media Literacy School is targeted for schools to support them in digital media education.

Say NO to cyberbullying!, Smart on the web and many other materials available in print and in PDF format.


The Helpline provides a free and anonymous access point for children and parents. Both helplines are based on well-known national general helplines. The Helpline volunteers are trained to give support to concerns about safer internet use and distressing experiences online like grooming and cyberbullying. The phone service is open daily and it is free of charge. In addition, children and parents can write anonymous e-mails to the Helpline volunteers through the helpline websites.

The YouthNet portal is an integral part of the Helpline actions including self-help material on how to prevent risks on the internet and how to cope with problematic situations online.

Helpline for children
Helpline for parents


Save the Children Finland fights illegal internet content in international cooperation. The internet users in Finland can make an online report for the Hotline (Nettivihje) of suspected illegal content they might face on the internet ([]). The Hotline passes the information of the site assessed as illegal to an INHOPE member Hotline situated in the country where the site is hosted. The aim is to have the content removed and to pass the relevant information to the authority in that country. Information concerning the sites containing illegal content related is also passed to the national police in Finland. More information can be found Save the Children Finland website including detailed information on their Safer Internet work.

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