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The Advisory Board is established as a link of communication between stakeholders and the entire node. The structure could be flexible allowing other governmental agencies, representatives of associations of teachers, parents or children, law enforcement bodies, universities, to participate to the meetings, which will be organized on a regularly approach.


Advisory Board's role

The role of the Advisory Board will include:

  • to evaluate strategies and to agree time scales;
  • to be involved in decision making process;
  • to monitor project's progress according to the cost and objectives;
  • to recommend ways of improving project's activities by joining them to other educational initiatives.

The Advisory Board will act as a guarantee for the synergic development of the project by assuring realistic goals.

Advisory Board's Working Groups

The Advisory Board is organized in four(4) Working Groups - two with dissemination roles and two with analysis and finding solutions roles.

Education Group

Child protection against the risk of Internet use: Research and Evaluation
- evaluations based on studies (Focus Group, offline and online research);
- information sessions for children, parents and teachers with parents and children participation - Feedback;
- dialog groups between parents, children, teachers;
- educational campaigns about not meeting strange people and speaking to adults about such a situation;
- speaking to children about not sending personal or family data (pictures, videos, etc.) to strange people or posting them on various sites.

Media Group

National media awareness campaigns (online and offline)
- TV spots, posters, flyers, mascots;
- SMS campaigns;
- Media campaigns for parental control software, for sites that offers safe resources for parents and teachers.

Technologies Group

- parental control software;
- educational games for each age category;
- mobile phone, other mobile tools;
- social networks (Hi5) or chat.

Protection Group

Topics regarding: - child pornography and identifying the victims;
- spam (reject and report);
- reject unknown links sent via messenger or e-mail;
- reporting sites with inadequate content;
- bank identity theft;
- online shopping.

Members in Advisory Board

Public institutions

MCSI - Informational Society and Communications Ministry;
EDU - Education, Research, Youngsters and Sport Ministry;
ANCOM - National Authority for Administration and Regulation in Communications;
ANPDC – National Authority to Protect Child's Rights;
ANITP – National Agency Against Human Trafficking;
IGPR - General Inspectorate of Romanian Police;
ANISP - National Association of Internet Service Providers in Romania.

Private Companies

Orange Romania
Microsoft Romania
UPC Romania

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